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Helvar EL1X14/35NGN5 1x14-35w TL5 Ballast
Helvar EL1X14/35NGN5. High frequency electronic ballast to run 1 x 14w, 21w, 28w or 35w T5 fluorescent tube. Replaces the Helvar EL1x14-35HF or Helvar EL1X14-35S
Item Code: EL1X14/35NGN5
£16.38 inc VAT
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Helvar EL2x49NGN5 2x54w T5 ECO HF Non Dim Ballast
Electronic ballast for T5 fluorescent lamps • Standard & sidemount possibilities • Optimal lamp operation • Low power losses • Long lifetime • Green values • High power factor
Item Code: EL2X49NGN5
£12.60 inc VAT
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Helvar EL1X80NGN5 Electronic Ballast 1x80Watt for T5 Lamp
Helvar EL1X80NGN5 Non-dimmable ballast for T5 lamps. Standard electronic ballast. Input voltage: 220 V – 240 V. Lamp type: T5 (80 W), T5-eco (80 W), TC-L (80 W). Lifetime (h): 60000. Warm start.
Item Code: EL1X80S
£20.78 inc VAT
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EL3/4X14NGN5 Helvar Standard Electronic Ballast 3/4x14Watt T5
The Helvar EL3/4X14NGN5 runs 3/4x14Watt T5 fluorescent tubes. It is a standard Electronic Ballast. Non dimmable for 14w T5 tubes length 549mm. Cap G5.
Item Code: EL3/4X14S
£16.04 inc VAT
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Helvar EL2X14-35S T5 14-35W Twin High Frequency
Helvar EL2X14-35S T5 new generation 14-35 watt twin high frequency ballast.
Only 21 mm high.
Optimal lamp operation.
Wide operational ambient temperature range.
Standard & sidemount possibilities. Low power losses.
Silent operation.
Stabilised flickerfree light.
High power factor.
Item Code: EL2X14-35S
£16.94 inc VAT
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Helvar EL2x55NGN Electronic Ballast TC-L 2X55W
Helvar EL2X55SC Electronic ballast TC-L 2 x 55W.
Controllable (1-10 V) electronic ballast.
Input voltage: 220-240 V
Lamp type: TC-L(55W)
Average life 50,000 hours.
Dimming range: 1-100% with a warm start.

Item Code: EL2X55NGN
£31.30 inc VAT
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