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Liteplan Emergency Kit HRN/3-KIT 4-36W Module 3 Cell Battery and LED

The HRN/3KIT is the Lite-Plan Emergency Kit to power 1 x 4Watt to 36Watt lamp and consists of Module/Inverter , LED indicator and 3 cell battery pack.
Item Code: HRN/3KIT
£46.74 inc VAT
In Stock
Liteplan NED 3 Hour Emergency Conversion Kit For LED Lamps
Liteplan’s NED emergency lighting conversion modules have been specifically designed to convert a wide range of LED types with just two stock items. The standard three cell NED/3 will be the natural choice for converting most standard LED luminaires and arrays, containing from 2 to 20 LEDs in series (6 to 55 Volts)
Item Code: NED/3/KIT
£51.42 inc VAT
In Stock
Lite-Plan HRN/3 Emergency Lighting Module 1X4W-36W Lamp
Lite-plan HRN/3 emergency lighting module/inverter to power. 1x4W-36W lamp. 3 Cell 3.6V battery. 3 Hour emergency lighting to suit. Multiple 4 pin fluorescent lamps.
Item Code: HRN/3
£26.30 inc VAT
In Stock
Lite-Plan HRN/ Emergency Module/Inverter To Power 1x4W-58W Lamp
Lite-plan HRN/4 Emergency module/inverter. For 3 hour emergency lighting. Runs inconjuction with 4.8V battery pack.
Item Code: HRN/4
£24.36 inc VAT
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