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Studio Lamp 300W 120v
Studio Lamp. 300Watt 120Volts. G6.35.
Item Code: CP96
£17.76 inc VAT
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150w Projector Lamp HLX64640
150 watt projector lamp 24v G6.35 xenophoto.

Osram Code: HLX64640
Item Code: A1/216HLX
£2.80 inc VAT
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1-9 = £2.33 each
10+ = £1.44 each
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A1/223 EHJ 24V G6.35 Projector Bulb
Osram 250 watt Xenophoto projector lamp. G6.35 2 pin base. 24volt. This lamp is used in film projectors and slide projectors. Average life 50 hours. **Also known as GT86**
Item Code: A1/223
£2.80 inc VAT
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64255 A1/269 Halogen Display Optic Lamp 8V 20W G4
Osram 4050300006833 Halogen display/optic lamp.
64255 A1/269
8Volt 20Watt G4 cap.
Average life 50 hours.
Item Code: A1/269
£12.98 inc VAT
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A1/271 64637 12v 100w gz6.35
Halogen/Display optic lamp, UV stop. Smooth bowl reflector.
Item Code: A1/271
£10.74 inc VAT
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Display Optical 1.2Kw Lamp
Diplay/optical 1.2Kw lamp. 100v. Colour temperature 5400k. Base Gy22.
Item Code: HTI125
£325.45 inc VAT
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Disco Lighting Halogen Capsule 300Watt GX6.35 240v
Osram disco lighting halogen capsule. 240V. 300watt. GX6.35 base. Average life 15 hours. Colour Temperature 3300K.

Osram Code 64515
Item Code: 64515
£13.27 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic FIT QT-FIT8 1x18
Osram Quicktronic FIT QT-FIT8. QT-FIT 1x18. Up to 20% energy saving and 80% higher lamp life compared to operation with magnetic ballast. EAN: 4008321294180. Ballast weight 179.500g. Norminal voltage 220-240V. Mains frequency 50-60Hz.
Item Code: QTFIT8118
£11.82 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic Intelligent QTI 1x14/24/21/39W T5 Ballast
Osram Quicktronic Intelligent QTI ballast. 1x14/24/21/39 Watt. Intelligent lamp detection for HE and HO. Celma energy classification EEI = A2. EAN: 4050300796871. IP20. Ballast weight 303g. Norminal voltage 220-240V. Mains frequency 50-60Hz. DC voltage 176...254V.
Item Code: QN114
£58.01 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic Dim Interface For Osram Dulux D/E & T/E 1x18-57Watt
Osram Quicktronic dimmable with 1...10V interface for osram dulux D/E & T/E compact fluorescent lamps. EAN: 4008321060860. Osram code : QN157D. QTI-T/E 1x18-57/220-240 Dim.
Item Code: QN157D
£68.16 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dimmable with Dali Ballast 1x14/24W
Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dimmable with DALI. Interface for T5 HE and HO fluorescent tubes. Intelligent lamp detection and superior dimming from 100% to 1%. QTI Dali 1x14/24/220-240 Dim Normal voltage 220-240V. Mains frequency 50-60Hz. DC voltage 154...276V. Operating frequency 53...120kHz.
Item Code: QNDA114
£75.47 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dimmable T5 1x14/24/220-240 DIM
Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dimmable For 1...10V Interface For T5 HE & HO Fluorescent Tubes - 1x14/24/220-240 DIM. Weight 305g. DC Voltage 154..276V. Max operating temp at the Tc point 70*. Ambient temp range 10-50* Mounting hole spacing length:350mm.

EAN: 4050300870922
Item Code: QN114D
£87.04 inc VAT
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Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dim DALI Interface T/E 2x18-42W DIM
Osram Quicktronic Intelligent Dimmable With DALI Interface For T/E Fluorescent Tubes 2x18-42 Watt DIM. Weight 222g. Mounting hole spacing length 129.5mm. Ambient temperature range 10-50* DC Voltage 176...254Volts

EAN: 4008321060822
Item Code: DA242T
£88.09 inc VAT
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Osram QT-ECO 1x18-24/220-240L Ballast
Osram QT-ECO Ballast. 1x18-24 Watt. 220-240 Volts. 50Hz. Automatic safety shutdown of the lamps in the event of a defect or at end of life. Automatic restart of replacement lamps. Safety to EN 61347-2-3. Length 150mm, width 22mm, height 22mm. Mounting hole spacing length 140mm. Ambient temperature range -15 to +50.
Item Code: QTE18L
£23.74 inc VAT
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Osram 200W Tungsten Halogen J1/40 64380 Lamp
Osram 64380 double ended tungsten Halogen lamp. This lamp is used for Airfield lighting. R7s base. 200Watt. Average life 1,000.

Osram Code: 64380
Item Code: J1/40
£37.27 inc VAT
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Osram 12V 100W EFP Projection Lamp A1/231
Osram EFP 12V 100W projection light bulb. This lamp is part of a range of photographic MR16 Multi-Mirror Projection lamps designed for slide projectors, over head projectors, microfilm machines and discos.

Also known as : 6834, HLX64627, EFP, FU89
Item Code: A1/231
£6.06 inc VAT
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Osram Dimmable Architectural 6W S14S 300mm LEDinestra Warm White
Osram 6watt Dimmable LEDinestra architectural strip light. Alternative to the Incandescent strip lights.
Average life 20,000 hours.
Used in home lighting, hotels and restaurants.
Warm white 2700K.
250 Lumens.
£18.82 inc VAT
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Osram Xenarc 66240 D2S Original HID High Quality Car HeadLight Bulb
Osram Xenarc 66240 D2S original HID high quality car head light bulb.
P32d-2 base.
UV-blocked quartz Xenon Lamp.
DS2 is for projector headlamps.
Made in Germany
Item Code: D2S
£64.16 inc VAT
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Osram 7W LED G95 Globe ES/E27 240V 2700k Non-Dim
This 7W filament LED G95 is designed to replace 60 watt incandescent light bulbs, commonly used in decorative lighting applications. Perfect for domestic and commercial lighting applications. Standard ES-E27mm screw cap, with a frosted/pearl glass finish.
Item Code: LEDG956WWWES
£8.94 inc VAT
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4-80Watt Fluorescent Starter ST111B
Top quality starter, an essential stock line to all wholesalers and electrical contractors. Universal fluorescent starter 4-80w for use with most tubes between 4w and 80w.
Item Code: ST111B
£0.60 inc VAT
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