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500w Infrared Ceramic Lamp
240v, 500w Infrared ceramic lamp. Alternative Code : 64245020
Item Code: HH188U
£14.12 inc VAT
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1000Watt Helen Sleeve Infrared Lamp
Tubular Quartz infrared lamp tubular double ended infrared halogen lamp used as high-power and high efficiency heat source for zone-heating and various industrial application with a specific HeLeN coating reducing glare emission. 1000Watt. Base cap SK15. 235V.

Manufacturer Code 15007Z
Item Code: 15007Z
£32.04 inc VAT
Infra Red 300W Halogen IRL300B

Infra red halogen IRL300B 300Watt lamp. 240V. SK15 Cap.

Order Code: IRL300B
Item Code: IRL300B
£11.41 inc VAT
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64245015 240V 500W R7s Clear Halogen Infra Red Catering Lamp
A quick fit clear jacketed Quartz halogen infra red catering lamp. 240V 500W R7s 118mm long. This lamp offers better protection to food ingress, and is also more resilient to impact breaks. This is the lamp which should be used for catering equipment not standard K-class Halogen bulbs.

** Replaces Victory code: 64245015 **
Item Code: IRL500C/7-118MM
£12.95 inc VAT
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175W ES Infra Red Heat Lamp 128980 XX
175watt PAR38 infra red heat lamp. Used for heating applications such as kennels and farms. Average life 5,000 hours.
Item Code: IR175R
£15.85 inc VAT
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Infrared (IR) Heat lamp 500W R7s 240V 118mm Gold Heatmaster
Infrared heat lamp 500W 118mm R7s bare gold. Usually found in patio heaters or catering equipment.
Alternative codes = UKUL3G-R7S-500 or HG00568
Item Code: IRG500W118R7S
£14.40 inc VAT
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