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13713x 240v 1000w Infrared Vertical
1000w Infrared vertical lamp with a strap base. Alternative Code : 64241028
Item Code: 13713X
£38.40 inc VAT
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80w Slide Projector Lamp
80 watt Slide projector lamp with MR-16 Multi-Mirror projection. 19 Volts.
Item Code: DDM
£31.31 inc VAT
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Stage/Theatre Single Ended HPL Lamp 750W
Stage/Theatre Single Ended HPL Lamp 750W. This HPL lamp is designed especially for the ETC source four spotlight familly. The reflector of the spotlight makes optimum use of the filament construction. So that the generated light output from 750W lamp is now the same as an existing 1000w fixture.
Item Code: HPL750
£35.23 inc VAT
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DDS Microfilm Projector Bulb 21V 80W GX5.3
DDS Microfilm Projector Bulb 21V 80W GX5.3. Microfiche readers and projectors, printers and jacket fillers. Also used for medical equipment.
Item Code: DDS
£18.77 inc VAT
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Ushio Microscope Lamp 20V
Ushio super high pressure mercury microscope lamp. 20v

Item Code: USH102D
£134.35 inc VAT
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EKP/ENA Halogen Projector Lamp 30V 80W GX5.3
Item Code: EKP/ENA
£29.44 inc VAT
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Ushio SHL-50AC1 50W Microscope Lamp
Ushio SHL-50AC1 50W Mercury bulb.
Item Code: HB50L1
£180.89 inc VAT
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09500 AL-1824 18-24W MFI/VDX HID Metal Halide Lamp
Miniature metal halide for medical and scientific applications. Usually in medical, dental and industrial equipment
MR11 60V 18-24W 6000K
Primary use: Endoscopes, boroscopes, dental curing and surgical head lamps

Equipment Used In:
AL1824 WA
AL1824 Welch Allyn
Baxter 7100
Borescope Hawkeye
Global M797L
Hawkeye Borescope
Luxxor LXX-24
M797L Global
Orascoptic Zeon LumenArc
Patterson Dental Solarc
Reveal DLS-400 Patterson Dental
Solarc Patterson Dental Solarc Welch Allyn
Welch Allyn 49501 Light Source
Welch Allyn AL1824
Welch Allyn MFI Solarc Headlight
Welch Allyn Multifiber HL 49600
Zeon LumenArc
Item Code: 09500
£265.78 inc VAT
Single Ended Showbiz Lamp HPL 575w
Ultra compact high performance showbiz Lamp. 240v, 575w, G9.5 special base. 14900 lumens, 400 hours life. Colour temp 3200k. Commonly used in the ETC Source Four Spotlight.
Item Code: HPL575
£32.08 inc VAT
GTL3 10V 3W E17 Clear UVC Bulb
10V 3W E17 clear UVC Bulb. Commonly used in nail bars for sterilisation/Sanitising equipment.

Part Code: GTL3
Item Code: G3T20/17
£15.02 inc VAT
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Ushio 70PAR38/FL25/120V 70W Halogen PAR38 ECO Flood 120V E27
A top quality Halogen PAR38 lamp 120 volt, 70W E27 flood. Eco halogen equivalent to 90W incandescent lamp.
Item Code: 70PAR38FL120
£12.64 inc VAT
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