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Outdoor Evo SMD Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light SS9855
The Evo SMD Solar Security Light offers truly exceptional rubber compression seal and numerous waterproof O-rings on the light body and motion sensor which guarantee superior waterproofing to IP56 standard. Can deliver 500 activations lasting 30 seconds each from a full charge. The activation time can be set so that the Evo SMD lights up from between 15 seconds and 3 minutes each time it detects motion. During the day the Evo SMD's solar panel charges its internal battery giving it the power it needs to light after dark. After dark the Evo SMD will activate as soon as it detects motion. The Evo SMD comes with a 2 year guarantee
Item Code: SS9855
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EVO SMD 10W  Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight - SS9930
This solar floodlight can be mounted virtually anywhere on your property with minimal DIY skills and without the need for a mains power supply. The Evo SMD is designed to work in UK winter time and will protect your home each night for free. Unlike our motion sensor lights, which only turn on when they detect motion, the Evo SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight offers light on demand at the press of the button. Backed up by a whopping 10W solar panel and 32Wh battery, the Evo SMD RC can function for up to 10 hours from a full charge. RF remote control is included (does not require line of sight to operate the light) Works reliably in UK winter.
Item Code: SS9930
£79.63 inc VAT
Durham XT Solar Powered Outdoor Post Light SS9892
Durham SS9071 Solar Powered Outdoor Post Light looks superb with its generous height, modern distinctive styling and premium stainless steel finish. IP44 rated. Ideal for use in gardens and on drives. Up to 10 hours run time, when fully charged. Contains 1x Super bright SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)
Item Code: SS9892
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Outdoor Solar Powered Kodiak Post Lights (Set of 2)  SS9900
Kodiak Solar Post Lights are made from stainless steel, fully automatic, wireless and completely solar powered. To double the Kodiak's solar panel power quickly and easily by deploying its second solar panel. With a simple lift and twist of its top, the Kodiak's second panel can be tilted to face the best direction to receive the most amount of sunlight. The Kodiak Solar Post Lights use 2 AA rechargeable batteries (included) in each light which will offer years of hassle free use and can be replaced quickly and easily at any point in the future
Item Code: SS9900
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SS7626 Vortex Solar Powered Shed Light
The Vortex Solar Shed/parasol Light is ideal for those warm summer nights when socialising with friends after a leisurely BBQ, kids are in bed and you can savour that last glass of wine with friends. Choose whether you wish to bath them in light by having all 36 LEDs lit or for that more relaxed feel just select the 12 LEDs option. When summer is over and the early nights draw in, put that patio furniture away and simply remove the Vortex. With its alternative fixing attach it to the inner roof of your shed to enable you to see clearly throughout the winter nights. At last a product that is ideal for use all year round!

**Limited stock **
Item Code: SS7626
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SS7502 Thea Solar Powered Garden Spot Light
This fitting is ideal for garden lighting. It can be used simply as a garden spike light AND mounted on your decking, fence or wall. With it's light plastic black body, this solar powered spot light uses 8x Super bright white LEDs. This unit is one of the most powerful garden spot lights around and comes complete with batteries and on/off switch. Comfortably lights a distance of 15 metres.
Item Code: SS7502
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SS7570 Selene Solar Landscape Spot Lights Set of 2
SS7570 Solar Landscape Spotlights can be positioned up to 5 metres away from their solar panel enabling you to place solar lights in shaded areas where they wouldn’t normally charge during the day. The Solar Landscape Spotlights contain 6 super bright LEDs in each light and can comfortably light up to a range of 20 metres. Charges by day, lights automatically at night. Adjustable solar panel and light angle. Simple and easy to install. 5m cable between panel and each light. Tough die cast aluminium construction. On/Off switch. Powerful 1.6W solar panel. Will light for up to 10 hours once fully charged. Fittings included for stake, deck and wall mounting. Designed for UK weather conditions.
Dimensions Lights - Height: 40cm(spike mounted) Height: 12cm (deck mounted) Width: 9cm. Depth: 17cm
Item Code: SS7570
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Albany Premium Solar Powered Brushed Aluminium LED Spotlight SS9885
The Albany spotlight is fully weather proof and eliminates the need for wires, extensions and mains connections. With this solar-powered spotlight, you can forget about cumbersome cables that get on the way and ruin the look of your garden. The Albany outdoor spotlight is fitted with a 2W solar panel that gives you up to 10 hours of powerful lighting and that make this fixture a top choice among all the high-capacity solar-powered lighting products currently available. this powerful Albany spotlight has an extraordinary range of 25 meters (82 feet)
Item Code: SS9885
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SS9787 Outdoor Solar Powered Paverlight Brick Lights 2 Pack
Cheap to buy, costs nothing to run, these Solar powered brick lights offer a fantastic light output. Extremely easy to install, as no wiring required. Contains 3 super bright LEDs that will last for years. IP67 rated. In late Spring, Summer and early Autumn the Paverlights will fully charge on most days giving them enough charge to light for 12 hours. In winter the Paverlights will charge up enough to light for up to 6 hours on all but the most unfavourable of winter weather days. The Paverlight's can be controlled manually by moving the stopper on the underside to the on / off position as required.
Item Code: SS9787
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SS9056 Stainless Steel Canterbury Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light
Canterbury Solar powered wall Light - looks superb with its modern distinctive styling and top notch stainless steel finish. Up to 10 hours run time, with 2 LED bulbs. These are twice as bright as other outdoor solar wall lights. These solar powered post lights have a solar panel intergrated into the top of the fitting, which means no cable or wiring. Automatic on/off dusk till dawn application which can be switched off. Up to 10 hours run time.
Item Code: SS9056
£32.08 inc VAT
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