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12V 5W SCC-BA15s Automotive Car Sidelight Bulb
The 18/12/5/BS is popular for use in factories on work apparatus and panel lighting, aswell as automotive indicator side lights. Clear, Ba15s, 12volt, 5watt. BSN No.207
Item Code: 18/12/5/BS
£1.15 inc VAT
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4W UV FL4BLB Blacklight Blue Tube F4WT5/BLB
Blacklight blue UV fluorescent 4 watt T5 6 inch tube. Length 150mm/6inches, 4W. A special fluorescent lamp made with a blue filtered hard glass filter which absorbs practically all visible light. Ideal for special effects in night clubs and for counterfeit banknote checkers.

**Also known as CR48**

** Measurements including pins 150mm, Excluding pins 135mm **
Item Code: FL4BLB
£3.19 inc VAT
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Tombstone T8/T12 Lamp Holder For Linear Tube ALH/255
23mm Lamp centre 25 x 13mm slot.
Item Code: ALH/255
£1.56 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £1.30 each
10+ = £1.14 each
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Linear Tungsten Halogen R7s Lamp Holder ALH/R7B
Linear Tungsten Halogen R7s Lamp Holder. R7S 200w, 300w and 500w Assembly.
Item Code: ALH/R7B
£9.24 inc VAT
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2D Compact Lamp Holder GR10-q (4 Pin)
GR10-q Snap fix slot & square. 4 pin lamp holder for 2D lamps
Item Code: ALH/2D/413G
£1.74 inc VAT
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Starter Switch Snap Fix Holder AFH/11AL
Snap fix horizontal/vertical.
Item Code: ASB21
£0.88 inc VAT
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Gx5.3, Gy6.35 Low Voltage Lamp Holder 812
Gx5.3, Gy6.35 Low Voltage Lamp Holder
Item Code: 812
£3.74 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-5 = £3.12 each
6+ = £2.40 each
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T1 3/4 6mm 6v Bi-Pin Filament Lamp
T1 3/4 6mm Bi-Pin filament lamp, 6v.
Item Code: 7325/05
£2.60 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
0-4 = £2.17 each
5+ = £1.11 each
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Tungsten Halogen Lamp 2.8v 2.38w
P13.5s Tungsten halogen lamp, 2.8v, 2.38w.
Item Code: HPF/2.8/.85/P
£3.40 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
0-4 = £2.83 each
5+ = £2.17 each
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T8 High Frequency Electronic Batten
Dextra 2 x 58w 5ft High frequency fitting c/w acrylic diffuser.
Item Code: LUX258HFAC
£73.30 inc VAT
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100w Projector Lamp 12v gy9.5
100 watt projector lamp 12v gy9.5.
Item Code: A1/261
£13.88 inc VAT
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150w Projector Lamp A1/266
150 watt projector lamp 24v gy7.9.
Item Code: A1/266
£25.74 inc VAT
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White Die Cast Aluminium Downlighter
Die cast white aluminum with satin aluminum reflector. Epoxy powder paint finish. Adjustable lamp which rotates up to 350* tilts through 75*. 100* beam width. Use with gearbox our code R35BG, R70GBT or R150GBT.
Item Code: R3570/150-01
£41.30 inc VAT
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1000Watt Ruby Jacketed Infrared
Linear quartz ruby jacketed infrared lamps which are primarily used in space heating but also other applications where compact heat source is needed. Other applications include: Catering, Livestock heating, Drying processes, Shrink packaging, Laminating, etc. 240v 1000watt Ruby infrared lamp with leads.
GE code: HH450
Philips code: 131957/876
Item Code: SHR1K
£21.84 inc VAT
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Philips Master MHN-LA 2000W/842 400V XWH
Type MHD-TD/MHN-TD 2000 Watt linear halide lamp. This lamp offers a natural white colour appearance with high luminous efficacy and compact size. They are intended for professional sports lighting and floodlighting applications. Without outer envelopes they allow the design of more compact luminaire systems and precision optics and optimised system efficacy. 22,000 Lumens.

Philips Code: 2000MHNLA842
Item Code: 2000MHNLA842
£209.70 inc VAT
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40Watt SBC Clear Halogen Halolux Tubular Lamp
This compact halogen bulb gives a crisp white light which makes them ideal for fittingsh that have limited space, i.e. wall lights, uplighters or wherever bright light is required. 240Volt, 40Watt, SBC, Clear.
Item Code: 64471CL
£10.27 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £8.56 each
10+ = £7.59 each
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Venture Marine Aquarium 70Watt Metal Halide HQI-TS
Metal Halide 70W HQI-TS marine aquarium 1400 kelvin. Used in Aquariums to simulate, correspond to light conditions found in ocean in water depths of approximately 5m.

Manufacturer BLV/USHIO
BLV Code: 220104
Item Code: MHDE7014K
£52.24 inc VAT
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Marine Navigation 12V P30s 1.15a ML4705 Lamp
Marine navigation 12v 1.15a light bulb. APF/CC ML4705 S8. P30s base.
Item Code: 1.15AS8-12
£9.60 inc VAT
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40mm Padlock 461798
Weather proof resistant 40mm padlock.
Item Code: 461798
£4.09 inc VAT
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Active Cree LED Lantern 150 Lumens
This ultra bright CREE LED lantern is ideal for camping as it has 150 Lumens output to brighten up those camping evenings. Battery life on high will last 10 hours or on low 20 hours so no need to carry loads of spare batteries with you.

An impressive 7 Metres Radius 2 modes High & Low 3 x AA batteries required- not included

Variant: Lightweight Plastic Body makes this ideal to carry around.
Item Code: 313250
£17.50 inc VAT
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